"Cole's Journey: From Epilepsy to Hope"

Discover how a natural plant transformed the life of a young boy.

About Cole

An 11-year-old boy full of life and passion despite his medical challenges - What Cole likes and enjoys:


Cole practices Taekwondo, a martial art that keeps him active and disciplined.

Cobra Kai

Cole loves watching Cobra Kai, a show about martial arts and personal growth.

YouTube Channel: ColeDJT

Cole enjoys creating content for his own YouTube channel, sharing his experiences and hobbies with the world.

Video Games

Cole loves playing video games like Fortnite, Roblox, and boxing games, which provide him with fun and excitement.

Skatepark and Stunt Scooter

One of Cole's favorite activities is riding his stunt scooter at the skatepark, where he practices and performs stunts.

Cole's Dogs

Cole has three beloved dogs: Maggie, a Cocker Spaniel, and Elvis and Ralph, who are Chihuahuas. They bring him joy and companionship.

Cole's Medical Journey

Cole was diagnosed with focal epilepsy on his left temporal lobe at just 3 months old. Initially, doctors believed he had West syndrome, a rare and severe form of epilepsy. Despite trying nine different medications, Cole was found to be drug-resistant. At the age of 2, he underwent a lesionectomy to remove 2cm³ of his brain from the left temporal lobe. Although he was seizure-free for six months post-surgery, the seizures returned, with Cole experiencing up to 10 seizures every night.

A Turning Point & A Mother's Determination

In February 2019, at age 6, Cole was rushed to the hospital unresponsive. Doctors recommended a second brain surgery that could leave him paralyzed and visually impaired. Faced with this grim prognosis, Cole's mother refused the surgery and sought alternative treatments. She discovered Bedrocan Oil and Bedica, cannabis-based medicines. Remarkably, within 11 days of starting this treatment, Cole was seizure-free and began to experience life like any other child his age.

Cole Today

Cole is now 11 years old, attends mainstream education, and enjoys all his favorite hobbies. He takes Bedrocan Oil twice a day and Bedica at night, which allows him to dream and sleep peacefully. However, the cost of these medicines is £20,000 a year. Despite the high cost, this treatment has given Cole a new lease on life, allowing him to live seizure-free and participate in activities he loves.

Supporting Cole

No parent should be forced to break the law to save their child, and no child should suffer when there are effective treatments available. We are advocating for the availability of cannabis-based medicines through the NHS to help children like Cole. Your donations can help cover the costs of Cole's treatment and support our advocacy efforts to make these life-saving medicines accessible to everyone.

Help Cole Live a Seizure-Free Life

Your support is crucial in ensuring Cole can continue his treatment and live a normal, happy life. Here’s how you can make a difference:

Cole's Journey Pictured

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